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Guilty Pleasures Experience

Guilty Pleasures is a club where the spirit of umbrella-era Rihanna downs shots with Whitney Houston, while Taylor Swift doesn’t stop moving to the funky funky beat with S Club 7 and Katy Perry loses it over the fact that Backstreet is back, all right? Not actually, but you know what we mean.

Guys, we’re all in this together. So throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care and let that POP music course through your veins well into the night.

“It’s infectious and theatrical and rousing and makes you want to dance yourself silly.”
The Telegraph

Next London Party

Guilty Pleasures will be announcing its brand new line up of 2020 dates very soon.
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Part 2 of our summer residency at @btwthebridges this fine evening.

If you love great street food, al fresco drinking with your mates and singing along to Whitney Houston then it'll be right up your street.

Social distancing measures still apply. Serious amounts of fun still to be had.

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Guilty Pleasures #1 at @btwthebridges was just the post Lockdown tonic we needed. Catch us fortnightly Fridays. Stellar line up of food options and performers across the summer. ...