A little bit about us

Get ready to worship at the altar of mind-blowingly awesome party bangers, at the greatest pop night the world has ever seen.

Born out of a frustration for boring souless “super” clubs, our mission was to take back control & put the ‘fun’ back into nightlife.  For fifteen years we have established ourselves  as the number one top spot for a P.A.R.T.Y. Packed with energetic DJs, bedazzling dancers, awesome live bands, flamboyant cabaret performers and a stage filled to the brim with the greatest things your eyes will have seen all year.

Selling out venues nationwide, Guilty Pleasures is like a huge party where everyone is welcome & everyone is the guest of honour , & if you’re celebrating a special occasion we can also cater for large groups.

Guilty Pleasures hasn’t hidden its light under a bushel either, as the love for the night spreads far beyond these shores.  There’s been Guilty Pleasures pop outposts everywhere from Australia to Abu Dhabi, via some of the biggest festivals in the UK from the likes of Glastonbury, Wilderness and Latitude.

We’ve been the force behind the Guilty Pleasures compilation albums, radio shows and even had our own telly show on prime time ITV.

Come join the fun!

“A party phenomenon....
Don’t be guilty, indulge yourself”
Time Out